Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Proton Inspira - Buy From the Authorized Sales Reps of Proton Edar

I was invited by the Proton Edar dealer in Putrajaya, ABP Sdn. Bhd.,recently hosted the launched of the New Proton Inspira, supported with a large gathering of friends, invited guests and customers.

Some inspired by the good looks of the new INSPIRA made the booking on the spot as the waiting time can be as long as 3 months. Good decision making if you got the means and after all this new Proton INSPIRA is not an ordinary proton car. If you read the facts taken from the brochure below.... you know what I am talking about.

I had a first hand view of the new Proton INSPIRA. Really Sporty looking car! Ideally suitable for the young at heart!

The New Proton INSPIRA is looking aggressive and bold styling! Feel the aerodynamic shape. The sporty INSPIRA also takes on an aggressive front face that will inspire awe in an instant!

Here are some Exotic Features of the new INSPIRA:
1. Distinctive headlamps to create a bold stance
2. The aerodynamic body shape of Proton INSPIRA provides a mix of athletic styling sophistication and superior performance.
3. Impressive and sporty spoiler design
4. Distinctive front grille design
5. Sport rims for a sportier look

Comfort And Utility
The New Proton Inspira offers sheer comfort and utility. The large body of Proton Inspira allows for a roomier interior, which also means increased legroom and headroom for driver and passengers. The driver and passenger will feel like Stretching out and enjoy a journey that is comfortable,and yet very relaxing.

Check out more features:
1. Roomy cabin space with ergonomically designed seats for pure seating comfort
2. Generous boot space for more items of every size
3. Fordable rear seat 60:40 split too extend truck cargo space
4. Adjustable head rest to ensure safety and comfort
5. Front seat back pocket for your magazines
6. Bottle holder at arm rest that securely holds your drink
7. Assured convenience comes with power window controls that are placed alongside pockets and bottle holders
8. Useful 'tuck-away' vanity mirror with ticket holder
9. Center cup holder and coin holder that are within easy reach.
10. A versatile storage area with the center console box

The Interior Design
If you think the exterior design takes your breath away, then step inside marvel at its interior. You'll be amazed by its beautifully appointed seating with trimmings that lend the Proton INSPIRA an air of superiority.

Check out the interior features here:
1. 3 spoke leather steering wheel equipped with audio controls, auto cruise and airbags.
2. Stylish door trim to accentuate the overall cabin atmosphere.
3. The fully automated air conditioner maintains the ideal cabin ambiance for your driving pleasure.
4. Gated gear stick for seamless shifting of gears.

Performance And Technology
The engine capability features a lightweight aluminium block for better efficiency and with MIVEC technology for more aggressive starts and maximum high-range output.

It seems that Proton Ride & Handling Proton INSPIRA scores top marks for its secure and agile handling, precise and progressive steering response and outstanding stability in cornering and changing lanes.

Advanced Safety And Reliability
The New Proton INSPIRA fitted with the best and advanced safety features and reliability. Seatbelt are fitted with Pre-Tensioner (reduced chest movement) and Force Limiters (reduced force applied on chest).

Dual SRS Airbags
The new Proton INSPIRA comes with dual airbags to protect both driver and front passenger from severe injuries in the event of collision. It also helps to slow down head and chest movement during a sudden crash.

Other features:
1. The reverse sensor alert drivers to the presence of nearby objects
2. The new Proton INSPIRA has ISOFIX mounting points for child seats to ensure the safety of children passengers
3. Strong Body Structure- The RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution) body is designed to protect passengers by using extensive front and rear crumple zones to absorb impact energy
4. ABS and EBD Systems- This features provides better stability and enhances braking performance to avoid crashes, especially on slippery roads or during emergencies.The system also features a backup EBD function, in the event if ABS failure.

The Car Model: 1.8MT, 1.8CVT & 2.0CVT
Colour Varations: Plum Red, Solid White, Genetic Silver & Tranquility Black

Price OTR: RM78,549 (1.8MT), RM84,549 (1.8CVT) FOR SOLID WHITE
Price OTR: RM91,549 (2.0CVT) FOR SOLID WHITE

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