Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kawasaki Superbikes Motosikal Mok

Super bikes everyone? I like to introduce you the authorized Kawasaki dealer from Malaysia:

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Motosikal Mok 
24, Jalan 4A/27A
Seksyen 2, Wangsa Maju
50300 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 603-4143 7912/ 4149 9842  Fax: 603-4143 7912
Website Address:

Contact: Halil Alias/Sales Manager/012-2983002
Contact: Shamsul/Tong/ Sales Executive/013-2059009
Contact: Ah Wah/ Sales Executive/012-3506111

View some photos of Kawasaki Superbikes


  1. hi wan rosnah ....

    im fa polo and came across ur name while looking for another blogger who plays tennis ....

    do you ride too? im a biker . i ride the yamaha fjr and my hubby rides the kawasaki gtr

    hope we can be friends

  2. Wow! I admired people riding on the super bikes.

    No I don't ride..I got this phobia of riding. I am too scared if I fall or get accident or been knocked down confidently...

    Yes sure we can be friends...

    Thanks so much for connecting!