Monday, April 18, 2011

Promosi Hebat Dari Perodua

Looking for new Perodua cars?
You are the right place. My blog features only the authorized sales advisors for Perodua who have advertised their cars at my online portal at:

Please feel free to contact the sales reps direct and ask them what is the latest promotion from Perodua.

Buying Car Tips:
When you are buying a  new car, please ask the following questions to the salesmen:
1. The loan amount maximum and minimum.
2. The interest rates. The lower the interest rates is better so that your monthly installment is low.
3. Which bank is giving the loan
4. Guarantor is required or not
5. How long is the  waiting time  for your car to be registered  after the loan is approved.
6. Ask whether they keep ready stocks
7. Buy new car from the showrooms near your office or house if something is wrong with the car after   the registration, you can go to the showroom without much hassle
8. Ask about the warranty period

For more information about the Perodua Cars please visit my online advertising portal:

To advertise please send an email to:

Thank you,

Wan Rosnah

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