Saturday, July 9, 2011

WANROSNAH.COM-Recon Car Market Place. Quality Import. Mercedes 523, ,Mercedes 535, Mercedes 528 and BMWX6, BMW3.0, BMW4.4 petro & diesel, Estima 2.4 new face lift, Audi, Mercedes Benze E200, E250,350, and other hot modelsready stocks. fast delivery.

The best and reliable market place online for the quality imported used cars (reconditioned) at

For your information, the recon cars selling in Malaysia  are either imported from Japan and UK specs.
You can get the best quality imported car  if you buy from the right car dealer. Making sure that you bought the right car.

Tips for buying the recon cars:
Bring somebody who has some technical background in automotive engineering to verify the condition of the car. For example check the brake systems, engine and so forth. Make sure you don't  buy an accident reconditioned car.

If you have an old car to trade-in please ensure that the condition of the car is good, clean and no eye sore to the  buyer or the dealer who is taking your car so that the value is maintain not decreasing in value.

Making sure that you got the release letter from the bank for your old car and keep that letter safely.
Never hand over your expensive car for the trade-in if you suspected the dealer is not the right one. Do the checking background of the dealer. Many people were conned because they were  so entirely never bothered to check the background of the car dealer they were dealing with.

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