Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Proton Exora MPV 1.6 CPS ENGINE

The NEW PROTON EXORA 1.6 Campro CPS Engine

with 125hp and 150Nm of torque.
From ample space to luxurious comfort, the new Exora has it all.

Maximum SAFETY protection include:
1. ABS and EBD which helps to stabilize the car on slippery roads and prevent accidents.
2. Dual Airbags- Dual SRS airbags protect both driver and passenger from severe injuries in the event of collision.
3. Pre-tensioner Seatbelt- Pre-tensioner seatbelt helps slow upper body movement during a sudden crash.
4. Lotus Ride and Handling provide:
4-i) Safe and Secure
4-ii) Precise and progressive steering response
4-iii) Secure and agile handling for vehicle while cornering and changing lanes
5. Auto Hazard Lights- Hazard lights will switch ON in case of sudden braking at a speed of 96km/h and above.

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