Sunday, November 20, 2011

Toyota All Models Promotion from 1-30 November 2011

Hi guys, just to inform you that, Toyota is now having promotion for all the brand new models.
View the 2 pages brochures below. Hurry up. Don't miss the opportunities of paying less.

For booking kindly contact the authorized Toyota Sales dealer or visit my online advertising portal at: and click autos and find all the auto models.

To advertise with brochures for your products or services  at our portal
or at our blog here please send email!

Price for companies: Price starts as low as   RM1500.00 per year. Highly recommended for small companies that do not have any business websites. Plus you get free SEO (making your pages ad appear in top 10 in Google, Yahoo, or Bing). Free maintenance of your advertisement for 1 year. On renewal, pay only 50% discount of the amount.

Don't wait too long. The Internet or customers don't wait for you. You got to find your way of meeting the potential customers halfway online.

See some examples:
1. For Cabinets or home furniture:
2. For Hardware & Renovation:
3. For car dealer:
3. For car salesmen:

View or download the brochures: