Sunday, January 1, 2012

Point of View: Why You Should Concentrate On Your Own Business

Welcome the year 2012 with  positive aptitude, attitude, with open state of mind, with self made ideology, and the right kind of strategy to keep up on the success  pathway throughout the year.

Many have been side tracked due to a variety of circumstances, with the right kind of opportune and that moment in time. We got sidetracked without even thinking at first preference to concentrate on the business. We were sidetracked at something new which was brought to us in the form of spontaneity. Hence, we unconsciously and happy to accept another form of job brought by or introduced by our friends. What I am trying to point out is that we can easily be sidetracked to acknowledge or do something else. So, stop doing other things, just focus on building your own business. Remember, if you don’t expand your business, who will?

Don’t Get Sidetracked by Others
Your own business will set to fail if you also wanting to do MLM, part time insurance agent, part time public mutual fund, part time lecturing,  online affiliates, online clicking, part time doing business for others. Please remember, the organizations or principles of those business highlighted above don’t care about your business. What they are interested are the results that you are going to bring in upon joining the organization as agent or broker.  Learn to say ‘No’. Instead you should be pressured to deliverer results for your own business. That’s what you should be doing.

Concentrate in Your Business Not Others
If you are running a small business or SMEs, you cannot be sidetracked of doing other things than yours. You should pay attention to details about your own business from A-Z. Even if your business is small, all the more you need to grow your business. If you divert your time and energy of doing something else, your business will hurt gradually and set to fail. People who are pulling you away or diverting you from your business to join them will not even talk about your business or trying to promote your business. Generally, people are more concerned to achieve their set goals. So, why would you be so contented to help others when others don’t really care about your business? The morale of the story is helping your business first before helping others. Think of yourself first. Sound a bit self-centered but this is the reality in business if you want to be successful.

Be Confident About Your Business
No matter how big or small your business is, you should be confident about your business. Build the self confident by believing in yourself & your business is the key to survive and stay in business. If you don’t believe in your product or service, who will? So, stay focus to only building your business.  Speak with confident about your business. Tell people about your business and how good or effective or better services your are giving or providing. Don’t be easily intimidated by others doing the same business like yours. Just keep doing your thing with passion. It will grow. If Lack of concentration to building the business, it sure to fail before you even get started.

Mix Around With Positive People
Don’t care what other people say about you or your business. Don’t be influenced by bad ideas or poor suggestions to affect or side-track your business. Always refer to someone who is highly resourceful in the business or refer to the trade organizations. Always mix with the right kind of people with success attitudes. Never mix or waste time with people having negative perspectives about business or about your business and having negative reactions towards your business or you. Stay away from all the negative factors and negative human beings.

Get Training the Right Kind of Training Skills
Many small business or businesses failed due to so many reasons such as lack of marketing skills, lack communication skills, lack of finance skill and others. You can avoid these failures by upgrading some new skills to yourself.  Some companies failed because they can produce the products but they do not know how and where to market their products. This is very common amongst the SMEs or small business. Many small businesses have been trained or went to get some training about the business development. But some how, some where something is missing.  What is it? The answer is most of the trainers that are training these SMEs or small businesses are not actually having the business background or own a business. Most of the trainers are purely giving tips by theory only. Not all the theories are applicable in some businesses. Some works but other theories won’t work. Surely there will be gaps or some essence in making or creating that particular business is missing or unfounded. Or simply never been explored or tested before. Finally at the end, how much you as the business or small business owner have gone for the training to develop yourself or your business seems not working.

How Do You Encounter the Problem
Don’t give up your business just because you are lacking some vital skills. Maintain doing your business as usual. Educating yourself by joining some business associations, buy books that are explaining in details about creating business and sustaining it. Join the Internet business networks with business owners actively talking or commented about business. Or check out for the companies that provide on the job business trainers and enroll for the training programmes. Always look forward to expand personal skills.

Stay Focus & Stay Resilient
Successful business owners are resilient in character.  Despite ups and downs, they can still manage to run their business. Never give up so easily. Stay focus to only developing your business. Believe in your products and services. Must be able to see or grab windows of opportunities to advance or develop new products or services. Or improve services or add new products

Always beware about your competitors. Stay current about business around you. Always take charge of your business.

Article Written by:
Wan Rosnah Ahmad
MBA International Management
University of East London, United Kingdom

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