Saturday, February 25, 2012


Featured car: ABT AS5 
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The AS5 is a fast coupe and yet comfortable travel companion to start with. This model is the sportier range of ABT’s Sportline version and an eye catching to look at a glance. The newest edition of ABT AS5 combines a clear-cut and harmonious design with aerodynamic look. 

ABT AS5 is so much fun to drive since it has undergone a real ABT Sportsline handling. This is a powerful engine and second to none. ABT POWER turns the 3.0l diesel engine from its original 245 hp to 300 hp. For the 2.0 TFSl, it is a dynamic 270 hp as compared to the original version’s 211 hp. Other engine variants are being developed and be presented in the later part.

A lower suspension has been geared to the AS5, which make for a very effective lowering the car’s centre gravity. Combined with well designed concept and with add on accessories such as, the front spoiler, side skirts, fender inserts, rear skirt, rear spoiler and the typical four pipe exhaust system make the elegant ABT appear robustly from wherever angle you look at it.

ABT recommends the CR Silverlight or DR alloy wheels. Whichever choice, both types of rims will accentuate both the new ABT AS5’s sportiness and absolute elegance.

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