Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Intellicase for iPad2 & iPad3 - New Product

Reviews: Intellicase for iPad2 & iPad3
These are the original case made for iPad2 & iPad3. Come in various electric colors to suit your taste  and enhance your style and personality. A product that you must have! Think about it.....

A marriage of protective poly-carbonate (to protect the back of your iPad), and flexible TPU (to protect your Multi-Touch Display).

Fold the flexible cover back to make an upright work stand ( great for reading and watching slide shows or videos), or lay it down at just the right incline for touching and tapping and typing. The iPad automatically wakes up when the case is open and sleeps down when the case is closed. All thanks to strategically place magnets in the cover. The micro structured surface is easy to grip and pampers your iPad inside and out.

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