Friday, March 16, 2012

NEW WINGLE 5 ( 4X2, 4X4) Pick-Up Truck Made by Great Wall Motor of China (GWM)

FEATURED:WINGLE 5 Made by Great Wall Motor of China (GWM)
Available in 4x2 & 4x4, with green engine. Engine made by German Bosch with Turbo Intercooler. Runing on Timing Belt. Maximum Torque 300/1800-2400 (4x2), 300/1800-2400 (4X4).
Equipped with high pressure common rail GW2.5TCI diesel engine with max power of 80KW/3600rpm and max torque 300N.m at just under 1800-2400rpm, the high end pick-up truck packs a mighty punch in terms of strength, practicality and value. Hailing no road too rough and no task deemed too tough, the collective raw power also makes driving truly pleasurable and handling a total breeze.

Price range just slightly over RM60,000.00
for the Manual Transmission.
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