Monday, May 28, 2012

Timeless Beauty- Madame Beauty Le Douceur

Introducing: Madame Beauty-Le Douceur-Time Complex Capsules from Canada. 

The most important 'oxygen carrying' component in your sebaceous glands! it only exist in human body and the deep sea blue sharks. LeDouceur Capsule contains the special element (Squalane) used by deluxe cosmetics of highest quality. I t is identical to the sebum needed by human skin and can nourish and soften the skin as well prevent the skin from getting dry and aging.

Squalane is the natural, pure essential oil acquired from the livers of deep sea sharks that live 1,000 meters below the sea surface for 400 million years. The primary source of Squalane is the Blue Shark. How do Blue Sharks manage to live 1,000 meters below the sea surface, with such great pressure, extremely low temperatures, and poor oxygen supply? The answer is the abundant supply of Squalane in their liver. In this deep sea world, oxygen the concentration is nearly non-existent. However, Blue Shark livers, 25% - 30% of their body weight, contain excessive Squalane which provides them the neccessary oxygen for living.

Madame Beauty Le Douceur Time Complex Capsules Promo Price now only RM428.00 for 30 capsules.
(Normal Price RM900.00 for 30 capsules)
For more info please contact:
Ms. Shirlyn Chong- 01116552286

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