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If there is any one 'secret' it is concentration. Effective executives do first things first and they do one thing at a time. The need to concentrate is grounded both in the nature of the executive job and in the nature of man.

Several reasons for this important be apparent:
There are always more important contributions to be made than there is time avai
lable to make them. Any analysis of executive contributions comes up with an embarrassing richness of important tasks; and any analysis of executives time discloses an embarrassing scarcity of time available for the work that really contributes. No matter how well an executive manages his time, the greater part of it will still not be his own.
Therefore, there is always a time deficit.

The more the an executive focuses on upward contribution, the more will he require fairly big continuous chunks of time. The more he switches from being busy to achieving results, the more will he shift to sustained efforts- efforts which require a fairly big quantum of time to bear fruit. Yet to get even that half day or those two weeks of really productive time requires self-discipline and an iron determination to say 'NO'.

Similarly, the more an executive works at making strengths productive, the more will he become conscious of the need to
to concentrate the human strengths available to him on major opportunities. This is the only way to get results.

Concentration is necessary precisely because the executive faces many tasks glamouring to be done.

Source: The Effective EXecutive: Drucker

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