Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Proton Perdana Launched

The All Brand New Proton Perdana

Prestige with Presence
The new Perdana by PROTON. A seamless integration of dynamic design and elegance. Pure pleasure to behold, pure exhilaration to drive.
Design that Thrills
The Perdana exudes aerodynamic flair in its sleek lines and fluid curves. The bold new look achieves particular expression in its signature design feature, the distinctive Proton Wings, with chrome embellishments.
Inner Beauty, Inner Space
The eye-catching exterior is matched by a sumptuous interior, creating a perfect balance of form and function, craftsmanship and art. Spacious, stylish and designed to afford a quiet ride.
Comfort, Confidence, Control
Drive in comfort, go with confidence, access info and entertainment effortlessly. The new Perdana lets you optimise the driving environment while enhancing your driving experience, to make even long journeys a pleasure.
Performance from the Heart
The New Perdana 2.4L variant delivers impressive 178hp, the 2.0L a powerful 154hp. Efficient 5-speed automatic transmission for smooth yet robust response.
Peace of Mind
The new Perdana is engineered with you and your family’s safety in mind. Its array of driver's aids, advanced braking technology, and active and passive restraints ensure optimal protection for both driver and passengers.
Selling Price: Peninsular Malaysia
2.0L Premium
RM 113,888.00/ Metallic
RM 113,438.00/ Solid
2.4L Premium
RM 138,888.00/ Metallic
RM 138,438.00/ Solid
East Malaysia..
2.0L Premium
RM 115,888.00/ Metallic
RM 115,438.00/ Solid
2.4L Premium
RM 140,888.00/ Metallic
RM 140,438.00/ Solid
2.0L Premium
RM 107,420.00/ Metallic
RM 106,970.00/ Solid
2.4L Premium
RM 130,580.00/ Metallic
RM 130,130.00/ Solid
2.0L Premium
RM 106,710.00/ Metallic
RM 106,260.00/ Solid
2.4L Premium
RM 129,960.00/ Metallic
RM 129,510.00/ Solid
Available in 6 beautiful elegant colors:
Graphite Gray/Sterling Silver/Ruby Red/Cotton White/Midnight Blacj & Citrine Gold
For test drive or inquiry contact Mazelina:014 229 5056
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