Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Art of Better Communication

Many sales people are not aware the importance of good communication skills and listening skills. Here I got you some very basic  information that you ought to remember always when you are in face to face communication with people.
The most neglected part in teaching the techniques of presentation is to emphasize the art of listening as part of effective communication. in fact sales presentation is part of communication. There are formulated techniques of presentation into a logical step-by-step story.

Telling is not communicating with empathy. The army drill instructor needs no feedback, he merely wants obedience and he has the advantage that his audience is purely captive. As a salesman your audience will be as varied as there are people in the world. Your audience can choose whether to take part in the communication or not and it's your responsibility to tune into his wave length. If he's agitated or unsure it's no use continue to talk like a machine. The other person will block you out, he may even be looking at you and nodding his head in apparent and appearing to go along with you but he may not even be listening.

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